Allu Dento

Allu Dento recipe by 1

This famous “allu dento” is the main preparation for us catholics of South Canara for Monti feast. Allu dento symbolyses the natures gift to mankind- it is available abundantly everywhere during the rainy season. This preparation is very unique in its taste and within the reach of common man (well, except for the city dweller !).

What is allu dento ?

See the pictures below.

We use the stalk of the allu plant (colocasia) for this preparation
Dento is the stem of green bhaji.




Put the cut allu pieces in water otherwise they turn black in colour.

Clean, scrape and crush the hog plums.

On a thawa fry the ingredients one by one with a little oil except turmeric powder & tamarind.

Grind the above roasted masala ingredients along with turmeric powder & tamarind.

To a pan add water and cook the dentes first as they are hard and takes more time to cook.

When half cooked add the crushed hog plums, allu pieces and sprouted moong to it and cook.

Add the masala paste to the cooked vegetables, salt and cook for 4-5 minutes.

Season it with mustard, curry leaves and 7 jammed garlic flakes.

Allu  dento curry is ready to be served.


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