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Terms of Use

Www.thondore.com is not a commercial venture, but a hobby site. These terms of use are in the best interest of the people involved in the site, its users and contributors.  Your usage of the contents, your contribution of recipes, interaction with the site users will be governed by these terms.  Your registration to the site will amount to your concent to these terms. In case you do not agree to these kindly do not register.

1. Copyright

www.thondore.com reserves the copyright of all the content published in this website.  A user is prohibited from publishing, copying, or in any way exploiting, any of the content of the service, in whole or in part.

2. Registration and membership

www.thondore.com reserves the right to admit or reject the registration of a user as registered member. The site also reserves the right to terminate the membership with or without notice.

3. Use of the Service

– All contiributions, opinions or information shared by users will be their own and www.thondore.com will neither endorse them nor take responsibility for them. This site does not endorse, review the sites to which links are provided in this site.
– As a registered user, one is required to use the service lawfully. The communications should not be obscene, indecent or offensive.
– Any contributions to the site by users should be original. User will agree not to post copyrighted material in this site, not to violet trademark or other proprietory material. www.thondore.com reserves the right to remove such conent from its website and take necessary action to safeguard its position.
– user grants www.thondore.com royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, distribute, and display the content posted or contributed by him or her.
– A user agrees to receive email from this site on various happenings from time to time.

4. Indemnification

User agrees to indemnify www.thondore.com and people involved in it to hold harmless from any claims and liabilities (including legal fees) that may arise from a users postings or contributions.
– A user will hold www.thondore.com harmless for any actions taken by him or her based on the information provided in this site.
– A user will hold www.thondore.com harmless for the display or usage of personal information revealed by user in this site.  This site takes atmost care in not sharing the personal information of users to outsiders for any commercial/ non-commercial usage.

5. Review and Editing

www.thondore.com reserves the right to delete, edit or make necessary changes to the contents, contributions, statements made by its visitors or users in part or full.

6. Modification of Terms
The usage terms may be modified occasionally. Your continued usage will be considered as your concent to these changes.

7. Termination

www.thondore.com reserves the right to discontinue this site, terminate a users access access this site, for any reason, without notice.

8. Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

www.thondore.com is started as a hobby site. There is no warranty-expressed or implied to the contents of this site. The site does not take responsibility for the correctness or accuracy of information provided in this site. www.thondore.com or people involved in it are not liable for any losses or damages suffered by users from the usage of this site in any manner.

If you do not agree with the Terms contained in this Agreement, please exit the service now.

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