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Quiet popoular among us Mangalorean, the dry shrimp chutney is popularely known as Galmbyachi Chutney. (Galmbo is dry shrimp in Konkani). This is one quick fix dish which does not involve elaborate cooking. Simple yet tasty, this seafood chutney forms a very good combo with conjee (or “paez” as called in Konkani). You don’t need anything else along with it.

My Mother prepares this dish without fail on Good Friday, as we fast or eat only simple food on that day.




Dry shrimp : Two handful



Long red chillies : 3

Short red chillies : 2

Turmeric powder :  ¼ tsp

Jeera : 1 tsp

Peppercorns : 3

Tamarind : marble size

Onion : 1 medium size

Garlic ; 2 cloves

Coconut : 1 cup

Salt to taste

 For Seasoning:

Coconut oil-1 ½ tbsp

 For Seasoning:

Onion : 1 small


Firstly fry dry (without oil) the dry shrimp on a tava on low flame.

Keep sauting continuously till they turn crispy and the aroma from the dried prawns fills the kitchen. (some people don’t like the smell of the dry fish).

Transfer the dry shrimps on a cutting board. Then carefully slightly pound the roasted dry shrimps.

You can see the heads and tails separating. Carefully discard them. Keep the remaining part of the roasted shrimps aside.

In the meantime grind all the masala ingredients along with salt to a fine paste with very little water.

Finally add the grated coconut to the finely ground paste and grind it once for about 10 seconds. The coconut should not be ground to a fine paste but very coarsely. Remove the masala from the grinder and transfer to a bowl. Add the roasted dry prawns to it. Gently mix the dry prawns with the ground masala and  keep it aside.

To a pan add oil and fry the thinly sliced onions in it till translucent.

Then add the chutney to it and saute it with the seasoning for a minute.

Remove the chutney from the pan and transfer it to a bowl.

You can now savour this dish with conjee.


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