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Found very fresh stock of coriander leaves at the supermarket and ended up buying a large quantity of them? Tired of eating the






same old cilantro chutney or sandwich chutney? Don’t know what to do with the coriander leaves as you can’t keep them in the






refrigerator for a long time ?  Well, you can utilise these for a tasty preparation – coriander leaves rice.









Also known as kottambari soppina chatni anna in Kannada.






Basmathi Rice : 1 cup

Shahjeera : 1 tsp  (caraway)

Bayleaf : 1

Cardamoms : 3

Cinnamon stick : 1

Cloves : 4

Anistar : 1

Marati moggu – 2

Ghee – 2 tbsp


Salt – to taste

Ingredients to grind:

Coriander leaves : 1 cup

Mint leaves – ¼ cup

Curry leaves – 10 leaves

Ginger : 1 inch piece

Grated coconut : 2 tbsp

Pepper powder : ¼ tsp


Sugar : ¼ tsp

Ghee : 2 tbsp

For garnishing:

Onion : 1 small sliced thinly

Cashewnuts : 15-20

ghee : to fry onion and cashewnuts








Wash rice and soak it in water for 15 minutes.






Pour rice into a colander or put the rice in a muslin cloth and tie.






Let all the water trickle down and keep aside.






Next grind the masala ingredients with little water.This masala is called CORIANDER CHATTNI or in kannada it is called









In a saucepan boil water double the quantity of rice taken ( 2 cups).






Heat ghee in a rice cooker .Then add to it shahjeera , bayleaf , cardamoms , cinnamon stick, cloves, anistar and marati moggu.




Saute for 1 minute till you get a nice aroma.






Then to it add the ground CHATNI and fry well till the raw smell goes away.






Next add the rice and fry well in the masala.






Lastly add the boiling water and salt .






Close the cooker lid and cook till done.






Garnish with onions and cashewnuts fried in ghee.(Add a pinch of salt while frying onions).






Serve hot with papad and raita.





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