"Thoushache" in konkani means "Cucumber" and "Karamb" means "Salad". In kannada it is called "Mullu Southeya Thalli Karamb". This is a special side dish in the traditional "Monthi Fest" lunch.

In the traditional preparation of cucumber salad for "Monthi Fest" lunch, tomatoes and carrots are not used. Instead, vinegar is used to get the sourness in the dish. It is said that only village grown vegetables "Gavanche Randhai" are used for the preparation of all the dishes on this day, and hence tomatoes and carrots are not used.







Tender cucumber :2

 Onions: 4  Ginger: 1 inch
 Green Chilli : 1  Sugar: According to taste.  Salt: According to taste
Vinegar: According to taste    




  1. Wash the cucumbers well with water.

  2. Before peeling the cucumbers cut both the ends.

  3. Then rub the chopped ends of the cucumber pieces against both the ends of the cucumber.

  4. Peel the cucumbers.

  5. Slice the cucumber into thin ¼ inch broad round slices.

  6. Sprinkle little salt and mix well. Keep it aside for 15 minutes.

  7. Peel and slice onions and green chillie into thin round slices.

  8. Mince ginger finely.

  9. Put the onion, ginger and green chillie pieces into a bowl.

  10. Add a pinch of sugar and mix well.(especially the onion rings have to be crushed well).

  11. Squeeze and discard the water of the cucumber and add it to the above ingredients

  12. Add vinegar and salt according to your taste.

  13. Remember coriander leaves are not used in this salad.