Rice Laddu

Want to get right a sweet and delicious laddu without going wrong ? Try rice laddus. You dont have to prepare any sugar syrup with right sugar consistency or struggle with getting the laddus firm. To make work much easier, readymade rice flour is available in most of Mangalorean strores. You have to just add the remaining ingredients and these laddus are ready in a jiffy.

Tasty and healthy rice laddus have a special place in the kuswar recipe list. Like the typical Mangalorean delicacies, these are made of coconut and cannot be kept for a long time. So when ever you want to have it, better to prepare fresh.

For the interested, I have prepared this sweet from zero without any readymade ingredients. Try, and you too will enjoy it.

Ingredients :

Boiled rice - ½ kg

grated coconut – 1

Jaggery – 350 gms

gingelly – 90 gms

cashewnuts – 50 gms

cardamom pods – 15


ghee – 1 tbsp


Procedure :

Ensure to clean the rice and remove stones or dirt if any. Wash, drain and dry the rice. To dry, spread the rice on a clean cloth and dry in hot sun for half a day as shown here :


In the same way clean, wash and dry the gingilly in the sun. Later roast it on the tava well till it splutters.

 Then on a tava dry roast the boiled rice, till it swells and turns light brown. Keep stirring the rice continuously. It is better to roast a little rice at a time than roasting all at a time. This way it gets evenly roasted. You can remove it when you can see the colour of the rice has slightly changed and you can see that the rice grains begin to swell or puff. Also the rice will turn crispy.

Continue roasting the rest of the rice in the same way.

Cool and grind the rice to a fine powder in a mixer or if the quantity is too much you can get it ground in the mill. Find this hard to do, you may buy readymade rice flour in Mangalorean stores. Remember to keep aside a little powdered laddu flour, this is kept to roll the laddus with the flour.

 Grate the coconut and keep aside. The coconut should not be too tender or dry. Powder the cardamom pods and jaggery separately. To a mixie, add all the coconut, cardamom and jaggery ingredients and dry grind for few seconds. When this is done, coconut and jaggery oozes out the moisture which in turn helps to bind and form laddus.

 Chop the cashewnuts to small to medium pieces and fry them.

 In olden days this was done in the vaan, which is a stone grinder, ground with the hand where the mixture was put in the depression and then pounded with a stone. You hardly find a vaan now in the modern kitchens.

 Now transfer the ground ingredients to a wide mouthed vessel. To it add the fried gingelly and fried cashewnuts. Add rest of the powdered rice laddu flour to it, combine all the ingrdients well and finally add ghee to the mixture.

Apply ghee to your hands, take fistfull of flour and make balls of the mixture. Once the laddus are formed just roll them on the kept aside laddu flour as seen here:


Healthy and delicious rice ladoos are ready to serve.

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