Its delicious, chewy and snowwhite. Just as one can't miss the fish curry in Mangalore one can't miss this sweet too. The flavourful and sweet taste of coconut burfi makes it a perfect addition to the Kuswar list for Mangaloreans.


Fresh grated coconut - 2 cups Sugar - 2 cups Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp
Ghee 1 tsp water - ½ cup











This sweet is prepared with fresh coconut. Avoid using dry coconut or dessicated coconut for this sweet. While grating the coconut care should be taken to grate only the white portion of the coconut. Remove any scraped brown portion before using because when the burfi is prepared these can be seen. You dont get the white colour of the burfi.

Measure 2 cups of grated coconut and grind it a little bit without adding water. Do not make paste, the coconut should be coarse.

Next measure equal quantity of sugar, as the proportion of 1:1 ratio makes it sufficiently sweet. Or if you prefer less sweetness use one and half cups of sugar.

Take the cardamom pods and pound the seeds to a fine powder.

Choose a plate of about an inch deep, grease well with ghee and keep ready.

Take a thick bottomed pan, add half cup water and sugar to it. Turn on the flame and keep on medium heat allowing the sugar to melt completely. To know when the sugar syrup is ready with right consistency, try this method: Take little water in a cup, add a drop of sugar syrup from the pan with the help of a spoon to the water. If it retains the shape of a small ball and doesn’t dissolve into water then it’s at the right consistency.


Then add the grated coconut to the sugar syrup and mix well. Keep stirring continuously to prevent the mixture from sticking to the pan or getting burnt.

In 15 minutes, the mixture becomes thick, moisture starts to dry up and forms into a single mass and begins to leave the sides of the pan.  Then add cardamom powder to the mixure and stir well. You will know its done when the coconut mixture starts coming off the pan. Dont over cook the mixure, else this make the burfi very dry and flaky.

Immediately pour this mixture into the greased plate. Just tap the plate down, it will get set automatically. Then using a greased spatula or a greased rolling pin evenly spread the mixture. Cut into squares or diamond shapes with the help of a knife greased with ghee, make horizontal lines and then do a cross line across to get diamond shaped Barfi.


Let it cool. Once properly cooled reverse the container onto a big plate it comes out easily, separate the squares or diamonds and store them in an airtight container. Because it doesn’t have any milk products, this sweet can stay fresh up to two weeks if kept in an airtight container in the fridge.

Note: If you prefer a more coarse texture to the burfi dont grind the grated coconut. Grinding it a little gives the burfi an even smooth look .

Coconut cannnot be kept out for a long time thus this sweet needs to be consumed as soon as possible unlike the other kuswar . Ideally, prepare this sweet say maximum 15 days in advance thus it can be easily be distributed to your friends and relatives along with the other kuswars.

As soon as the mixture is poured in the greased plate flatten it quickly and also cut it into desired shapes as fast as possible because when once the burfi is removed from the heat it begins to harden quickly.

Try this recipe meticuliously, you wont go wrong. It was an instant hit with the collegues of my husband.


This one is my favourite. 

On the day of  Monthi Fest, before lunch, powder made of the blessed new rice (called noven) is mixed in milk or roce and is given to all the family members after the family prayers. In most of the families, noven is mixed in milk. But in our family, Mummy used mix the noven in  roce as I never used to like drinking milk. Even now after marriage I continue to have it with roce, and my husband too likes the same.  

Payasam or Vorn as known in Konkani, is a sweet dish, prepared in most of the special occassions.  This is a sweet dish in the traditional Noven Jehvan.

Moong dal :250 gm

Grated coconut : 1

Raw rice : 50 gm

Jaggery : according to taste

Cardamom powder  : ¼ tsp

Raisins : a few

Cashewnuts : a few

Salt  : a pinch

Ghee : Little




Grate coconut and extract the thick and thin coconut milk separately and keep it aside

Soak raw rice in water for ½ an hour.

To a pan add a little ghee and fry the dry fruits and keep it aside.

After ½ an hour grind the raw rice finely with little water. Once the batter is done, then dilute it by adding some more water.

Cook the moong dal with water.

When it is cooked add thin coconut milk, jaggery and a pinch of salt.

Add the diluted raw rice batter to it.

Keep stirring continously(do not allow the vorn to form lumps).

Sprinkle the cardamom powder and the dry fruits fried in ghee.

Then add the thick coconut milk  and boil well.

To top it all add ghee to the vorn this enhances the taste of the vorn.


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