Are you tired of having the same roti or following the same old procedure of making rotis ? Well, try this oil free, healthy yet tasty roti made of only two ingredients namely, boiled rice and grated coconut.

This delicious roti or 'Bakri' as known by us is prepared by cooking them on banana leaves. As this bakri is roasted with banana leaf on the tava, the roti gets a distinct flavour of the banana leaf.

Mummy used to prepare this on most weekends and mostly eaten with mutton gravy. It is also nice to have the bakri with a vegetarian or non vegetain gravy or a simple spicy chutney.





Soak the boiled rice for 4 hours in water.

Grate coconut and keep aside.

You need banana leaves for roasting bakris. Clean the banana leaf carefully with water and wipe with a clean cloth. Cut banana leaf into pieces of about 1 feet x 1feet or to the size which can fit into a pan.

Grind the soaked rice with salt and very little water or just enough water to make a dry thick batter. The batter must be thick enough to hold in your hand but also be able to spread easily and not watery or else you will not be able to spread the dough on the leaf. Once done remove the batter from the grinder.

Mix this batter with grated coconut.

Take a handful of batter and place it on the banana leaf.

Dip your hand in water and slowly flatten the batter. Pat with your palms like a chapathi, from the middle to the sides to make a bakri of ¼ inch thick. Pat the whole bakri evenly with your fingers.

Dipping hand in water once in a while helps the batter from sticking to the hand and also to spread the batter easily on the banana leaf.

Once done, place another banana leaf of the same size on the bakri.

Place a chapati tava on the gas stove. When hot, put the bakri on the tava along with the banana leaf and fry dry.

When the roti is fried a little and the bottom side leaf becomes dry and a bit brownish, turn over the bakri along with the banana leaf. When second side also turns dry, turn over.

When the dried leaves comes out on their own and the bakri does not stick to them, remove the brownish leaves slowly and discard them.

Fry on both sides of the bakri on medium flame till it is roasted. Keep turning the bakri 2 – 3 times to ensure even roasting on both the sides.

Transfer the Roti to a serving plate and serve hot.


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